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Promoting use of cycle

Promoting Use Of Cycle

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization

that works for ensuring the equal right of cycle users in the roads for the betterment of traffic conditions and the environment.

  • Promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transport.
  • To build and promote sustainable, eco-friendly and inclusive cities encompassing cycling culture and infrastructure with the enhancement of cycling facilities, safety policies and enforcement of rules, regulations and acts.
  • Enhance cycling culture and infrastructure through continuous research, consultation, advocacy, level of social change and collaborations with local authorities, organizations and individuals uplifting cycling facilities, safety policies, and enforcement of rules, regulations and acts.

Through significant contributions for betterment of cycling culture and infrastructure, NCS strives to:

  • Implement integrated transportation systems, maintain traffic culture and establish appropriate rules and civic sense through campaigns and awareness activities.
  • Enhance/ preserve the road system by providing necessary support in traffic management, encourage environment-friendly and healthy day-to-day movement of cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with local, state and central government by lobbying and advocating to promote cycle-friendly, pedestrian-friendly and wheelchair-friendly environment.
  • Provide technical support and assist in designing cycle friendly infrastructures such as cycle lanes, corridors, footpaths, signage, etc. by conducting research, consultation and advocating to concerned organizations and individuals/ stakeholders.
  • Facilitate a smooth social movement to allow non motorized mobility such as pedestrians, wheelchair-users and cyclists toward safe and accessible commutes.
  • Organize different awareness events and programs for inclusive footpaths, wheelchair as well as cycle lanes as their public rights and welfare.
  • Raise campaigning voices in order to expand and protect common/ open public spaces as a pause/rest point for non motorized mobility user.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with concerned NGOs, INGOS, and other agencies for the common goal of developing cycle infrastructure in Nepal.
  • Promote cycling culture/ non motorized mobility culture for the next generations as a sustainable urban mobility tool.

Nepal Cycle Society (NCS) is a non- profit sharing registered company and  NGO formed in 2018. The society is fully-dedicated to promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation by seeking to improve cycling culture and infrastructure incorporating both hard and soft measures. 

NCS specializes in conducting research, urban planning/designing, resources-mobilization, advocacy, awareness/education and consultations to different interested groups/stakeholders. Our prime focus is on ‘non-motorized two-wheelers’ in collaboration with locals, municipalities, national and international organizations. 

Thinking globally, acting locally, we aim to reduce every possible city’s carbon footprint by being environmentally-concerned, morally-conscious and sustainably-connected toward livable cities for ourselves and upcoming generations.

What We Do

Our Services

While most of the activities by Nepal Cycle Society are related to promotion of cycling as sustainable mode of transport, we also focus on sustainable urban mobility, environment sustainability and cultural promotion and conservation. The range of services offered by Nepal Cycle Society includes the following:

Project Studies

Research & Survey

Urban Planning & Designing

Resources Mobilization


Supervision & Monitoring

Advocacy & Lobbying

Awareness & Education

Event planning & Campaigning Activities

The Secret Ingredient

Our Team