Study of cycle sharing modality in Lalitpur Metropolitan City

The city strives to be a healthy, progressive and cultural city. Its long history, cultural heritage, and social consciousness provide a strong foundation to build a just, and equitable society. However, like many societies, the 20th century definition of development and personal success has had a detrimental impact not just on the core cultural heritage of the city, but also on its livability and quality of life.

It is said that to truly understand a city’s priority, do not focus on its vision statement, but pay attention to its approved budget. LMC has listed 14 focus areas in its 2079-80 fiscal budget, including sustainable city development and climate-friendly local governance. This clearly states the City’s commitment to sustainable development and climate-friendly initiatives.

Goal and Objective of the Study

The goal of this study is to encourage residents to use bicycles as the main mode of transportation to travel within LMC. The main objective of the study is to establish a road map for an implementation of a cycle-sharing system in LMC. The sub-objectives under this include the following:

  1. To discuss different cycle-sharing models and test their feasibility in LMC
  2. To recommend an appropriate cycle-sharing system to LMC 
  3. To identify the project area and station locations 
  4. To prepare an operation modality for the selected cycle sharing system, including cost and revenue modality, cycle type, payment system, management and monitoring system

Cycle sharing
is an automated self‐service cycle rental system that is available for all users to make short trips. One can use the system’s mobile application to unlock a bicycle and access the service with its own payment modality. Based on origin and destination study, the practice is mainly prevalent in urban settings as an added mobility option to complement transit and other modes. It can be one‐way use or return bicycle at the same dock station (place where the bicycles are stationed).